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We found our roots in the rich culture of small-town Davis, CA.

Here vibrant agricultural innovations and a passion for sustainability flow into an imaginative food scene. We strive to unearth the underground food movement, uproot traditional food systems, and brush the dirt off a homegrown dining experience. We want you to be able to go anywhere and be immersed in any community through homemade meals. Whether you’re on a distant adventure, or just traveling across the street, Foodnome is here to bring us together over a dining table.

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Foodnome is about creating community, meeting new people, and rethinking food systems to make homemade meals affordable. We’re decentralizing the dated food industry and minimizing carbon footprints so everyone can afford delicious meals - even the planet.

Why we care

Serving Food

Memories are created over the warmth and aroma of a homemade meal. What if we could all grab a plate, sit down together and share our stories in comfort and nostalgia? We must work to uplift and empower those who are at the heart of these feelings, so we begin to create a more connected and open world. That's why we're supporting local home cooks to take back control from the dated food industry by creating their own home restaurants and growing healthy communities.

Gathering around the Dinner table

The community came together to legalize the sale of homemade food

After launching in November 2017, we hosted 45 events with 13 incredible cooks before receiving a cease and desist order from Yolo County in March. But not because our food was bad — because it’s delicious — or because people became sick — they didn’t — but because of a broken food code regulation system that limits legal preparation of food to industrial kitchens. That’s a high bar of entry many people can’t afford. At Foodnome, we’re committed to fighting this injustice. Which is why we worked with the COOK Alliance to pass Assembly Bill 626 and legalize the sale of homemade food.

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The food revolution will be led by those who are least represented in food business ownership today: people of color, women, disabled people, and immigrants. We believe that disproportionately low food business ownership among these groups is not due to less great ideas, recipes, and entrepreneurs, but to a food regulation system that makes it impossible for many of us to even get started. Foodnome is committed to promoting food justice, and we are so grateful for everyone who stands beside us along the way.

We are in the middle of a food revolution!

Group Petitioning

On September 18th, Jerry Brown signed AB-626 empowering home cooks to sell food out of their own kitchens under a new set of regulations.

This is great news for cooks and eaters alike. Once the law is adopted, tasty tamales are only two houses down and spicy samosas are sizzling a street over. Home restaurants are going to start popping off county by county, so contact your county health official to tell them to approve this bill ASAP!

AB-626 Bill Press

As the law catches up with popular demand, Foodnome will be your first stop to find decadent local home cooked experiences. Check back regularly to find events in your area!

Interested in becoming a legal home cook? Foodnome wants to help. Contact [email protected] for more information on getting started.

Happy local munching!

Home restaurants are coming soon. Join the movement and stay in the loop!