Chef Spotlight: Michael Manning

May 18, 2018


Chef and nutritionist Michael Manning uses Foodnome as an educational and business platform to help people feel better, one well-planned meal at a time.

Manning was working as an EMT when he had an epiphany that nutrition was the best way for him to combine his love of education and passion about healthy living.

“I realized I could help other people, not only when they got sick and injured, but also before. It was a really powerful moment,” he said.

In 2014 Manning started Michael Manning Wellness, where he coaches people with nutrition plans to reach their health goals. What started as a passion project quickly turned into a full-time job as he reached more clients and found himself loving his work.

For Manning, Foodnome was an opportunity to reach potential clients while spreading his message of holistic healthy eating. Manning cooked for Foodnome as one of five featured chefs catering the Rocknasium Crank-In event. As climbers from around northern California scaled the walls of the West Coast’s oldest climbing gym, Michael served up a cucumber, fennel, and apple salad, along with a side of nutrition education.

Michael Scooping Salad

“You want to use high-quality fat with your vegetables, to access certain nutrients more easily,” he explained. “If you have your salad with extra virgin olive oil, or your veggies in grass-fed butter, you gain the benefits of the quality fat, and also the plant chemicals such as fat-soluble vitamins and polyphenols more readily. Improving your nutrition easily translates to weight loss, improved digestion, improved memory, and overall health and well-being.”

Manning doesn’t endorse any particular diet, but encourages his clients to be faithful to the diet or plan of their choice.

“People hear about high-fat or paleo style diets, and they think this is a license to eat all the bacon they want,” he said. “But many of the paleo and caveman diets also involve eating a lot of vegetables. Most people can eat bacon and still thrive but don’t make that the only component of the diet you introduce, you’ve got to actually add in the vegetables too. There are success stories with most diets because most every diet includes eating less harmful processed foods and eating more nutritious plant foods. If you follow most diets or lifestyle eating plans, and you are in poor health, your health is likely to improve. The best diet or lifestyle plan is the one you actually follow.”

Manning hopes to continue to use Foodnome as an educational platform, possibly doing more nutrition-focused cooking classes in the future. For now, he is expanding his business to include more online and remote consultations.

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