Food for Thought

October 23, 2018

For as long as there have been humans, we have been gathering around the hearth. But food is more than survival, with it we make friends, court lovers, and count our blessings. Memories are created over the warmth and aroma of a homemade meal. Food…

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Chef Spotlight: Ru Zhang

August 28, 2018

Foodnome helps ambitious chefs get their start, because high starting costs make it functionally impossible to break into the food industry. “If I had my way, I could eat a different cuisine every night,” says Foodnome Chef Ru Zhang. Zhang grew up…

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What’s a Cease and Desist After All?

August 26, 2018

If you went by looking for delicious food experiences, you were probably surprised to find that our homepage looks a little different at the moment! Foodnome is in the process of making some changes due to a cease and desist order from…

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Chef Spotlight: Michael Manning

May 18, 2018

Chef and nutritionist Michael Manning uses Foodnome as an educational and business platform to help people feel better, one well-planned meal at a time. Manning was working as an EMT when he had an epiphany that nutrition was the best way for him to…

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